Let’s RIUH Our Way Into 2018 with a Bang! @ APW, Bangsar

We can’t believe this year is coming to an end in just a matter of days, but what better way to usher in the new year by celebrating our last 2017 weekend with our favourite community-driven bazaar, RIUH! In case you guys missed out on their recent Christmas weekend early this month, they gave our hearts and stomachs wonders with their vast variety of delicious food stalls, and not forgetting their awesome curation of live performances consisting of Priscilla Xavier, music duo Kita:Orang, YouTube artist Wan Imar, and classic instrumental band Casa String Quarlet. We were already shook by the amount of Christmas spirit shown at the last event, and we can’t believe they’re back at it again in the same month to help us celebrate the end of our year with RIUH: Hello 2018! As per tradition by now, the Bangsar staple will be held at official venue sponsor, Art Printing Works (APW).

Excited? Well, so are we! Not only are we looking forward to the food stalls (30 stalls to be exact, so get ready for yet another food coma), RIUH will be presenting art installations by Make It Happen (supported by CENDANA) that will surely leave you in awe and your creative juices flowing. In case you’re wondering what Make It Happen is, it’s a platform for all the creative minds and even non-creatives to come together and learn and understand the process behind creating – to be educated on what it takes to make it happen.

Make It Happen is joining forces with four creatives to give you a unique interactive experience where you’ll be able to participate and embrace the art of our culture and roots and learn to adapt it into the modern day. Not only that, but you’ll be able to feel motivated to make something happen by simply just doing it and making it happen. The installations set to be showcased are as follows; Digital Kompang, a set of eight to 10 kompangs redesigned and revamped with visuals and sounds; Teng Teng Teng, the traditional game made complicated with new tricks and an audiovisual update; “How to Make It Happen” Booth, a confession booth where written confessions will be projected on an anyaman (traditional Malay weave) wall; and Infinity Batu Seremban, an updated version of the classic game with reflective materials and effects.

Let’s meet our creatives shall we?

Nawwar Shukriah Ali

(source: nawwarshukriahali.com)

The head curator – offering ideation and direction – of Make It Happen, Nawwar is better known as Bono Stellar; the founder or Stellar Studio and Stellar design. What started off as a boutique, Stellar Studio has grown into a platform for local entrepreneurs by providing space for new brands in the boutique and also through Stellar Events. She has worked with MINI Cooper, BMW, L’officiel Magazine, set design and art direction for music videos and fashion campaigns, and lastly, as retail branding and interior designing.


(source: Orang)

Despite having been in the scene for more than five years and covered by publications the likes of yours truly, TimeOut KL, and online zines, Orang maintains his zeal as a mysterious singer-songwriter. This art pop outlier has a versatile music taste when it comes to his musicality, from electronic, to pop, to indie, and such eclecticism has led him to the big stage; Orang performed at Good Vibes Festival ‘17. But catching him, or his performance, can be a wildcard, but that’s all part his artistic persona. For RIUH, Orang will be involved in the Digital Kompang and Teng Teng Teng installations.

Listen to his seminal debut EP below:

Aleff Ahmad

(source: the-best-of-you.com)

This young lad is a familiar face when it comes to Malaysia’s contemporary art scene. He’s come a long way from just an illustrator to a cultural storyteller, and his works have been featured in Malaysian Art Gallery Guide Magazine, The Star2 Newspaper, Lifestyle KL Asia, and Art Expo Malaysia.


(source: thepictaram.club)

The whiz kid of the arts, Nad.io or Nadhir Zuhair Nozi, indulges his creativity in interactive audiovisuals via both digital and analogue means in order to advance technology and arts development of interactive designs. His works combine elements of art and technology to inspire the community and ultimately, humanity. Very noble, might we say.

Now that you guys have met the creatives behind RIUH’s art installations, the vibes just keep on coming with live musical performances — sponsored by benefactors CENDANA — from Nickyta & Co, Nadir Music, Ryot Jones, and Kita: Orang (who previously performed at RIUH: Christmas Edition), Meruked (whom previously plated RIUH’s Malaysia Day weekend), and Public School. Lastly, let’s not forget our beautiful talented group of cultural dancers from ASK Dance Company and Anak Seni Asia Production, who will be featuring dances like Joget, Zapi, Sate, and many more. So make sure you come and catch them all live and immerse yourselves to the sounds of traditions as much as modern pop music.

(source: Nickyta & Co)

Nickyta & Co have been around the music scene for quite awhile now, and if you’re wondering why their faces seem familiar, that’s because you’ve probably heard them perform along the streets too, busker-style. They’ve appeared on major TV channels in Malaysia and performed for events like the KL Street Jam, Ambank Group, and won first place at the Raja Busker Competition back in 2015.

(source: facebook.com/musicnadir/)

Nadir isn’t the name of the front man of the band; in face there isn’t one. Nadir is collective group of passionate musicians who come together to create sounds that are rare and unique. Their music is a manifestation of their emotions and feelings and different backgrounds, and the audience will surely be able to feel that connection wherever they perform.

(source: facebook.com/ryotjones)

If you’ve never heard of RYÖTJONES, then where have you been? This multi-talented band has performed on multiple stages and festivals (e.g. Good Vibes Festival) and they are performing right here at RIUH again to give you a guys piece of their soulful funky beats that will surely keep your feet off the ground. Check out their live performance of their single ‘Dancing Shoes’:

(source: facebook.com/kamikitaorang/)

If you’ve went to RIUH: Christmas Edition, then you may remember this acoustic pop and folk duo, Kita:Orang. These two have been around the KL music scene for nearly two years now, and have dived their music in both English and Malay language. They’re also know for their Raya original, ‘Pagi-Pagi Raya’.

(source: facebook.com/meruked)

Hailing all the way from Sarawak, this band fuses old and new sounds together to establish their signature music, but staying true to their roots, they’ve also added some Bornean sounds as part of the ambiance texture of their music. Who can forget their sape-aided rendition of The xx’s ‘Intro’ during RIUH’s Malaysia Day weekend?

(source: malaysia.my)

Google Public School (PS) and the literal list of public schools around Malaysia shows up, but those in the know would recognise PS as the collective bringing rare grooves by way of vinyl to a bigger crowd. This DJ collective’s got their own creative space in arts hub Zhongshan Building called fono, where they also regularly play host to KL’s own public radio. According to Malaysia.my, they are on a mission to introduce a wide spectrum of music to everyone, regardless of genre or format.

As you can tell, the event is already jam-packed! Not only do they have amazing performances lined up and brilliant art installations by our fellow creatives, but you get to enjoy making memories at their NYE Photo Booth, and get your New Year’s spirit on with glow in the dark face paint and glow sticks. All leading up to the main event of the night, THE COUNTDOWN! Hello 2018! So what are you waiting for? Save your date and we’ll see y’all on 31 December!

Here’s the full performance lineup and itinerary:

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