M’sian Job Scam Victims Allegedly Saw Missing ‘Setapak Woman’ While Being Held Captive In Myanmar

source: Facebook

In April this year, news of 22-year-old insurance agent, Chia Min Yong’s strange disappearance shocked the nation, having left behind only a cryptic message indicating that she had been out seeking a job at the time of her vanishing.

Yesterday, a pair of Malaysian siblings who were compelled to serve as slaves in Myanmar uncovered an unprecedented breakthrough. Sin Chew reported that Chia had been spotted by the brothers in Myanmar since April.

She, too, was a victim of human trafficking and is still imprisoned in Myanmar. At around 11 a.m. this morning, a Malaysian NGO and five family members of the siblings rushed to the Myanmar embassy to submit a memorandum, as reported by TRP.

A family member, Chen, stated that when her sons called for help, they hoped the family would also rescue Chia. Chen stated that her two sons, ages 16 and 30, were duped into working in Myanmar by a local agency in March and became ‘piggies’.

They were successful in informing their families of the situation via e-mail in April.

When Chia first disappeared, her family alleged that they had last seen her heading out to meet a client that evening, as she typically did, and that nothing appeared out of the ordinary. Regrettably, after she failed to come home that night and they were unable to contact her as her phone was turned off, the family decided to file a report with the Rawang police station.

Chia’s mother had received an extensive text message (pictured above) from her daughter prior to her disappearance, conceding that she was struggling at work, and admitting to having financial problems and not having enough money for food for the past three months. She also stated that she was leaving the house to pursue a higher-paying job “someplace a little further away.”

“To be honest, all of the money I’ve had since New Year’s has been borrowed. But I want to be good to you and father. I’m sorry for leaving home to look for work. I’m no longer a child. Please let me go free, just as my father has,” she wrote.

According to her family, while her passport was missing, Chia had not brought any of her other belongings, clothes, or luggage with her, nor did she leave her present job. The car she was driving was also discovered in Setapak, and there were no records of her departing from the country at the time, as per police.