The New Batmobile Will Give the Fast & Furious Franchise a Run for Their Money

source: Matt Reeves/Twitter

Director Matt Reeves has revealed the new Batmobile for his upcoming film The Batman and it looks like Bruce is spending a lot of money transforming a muscle car into a vehicle of justice.

Since the film will take place in Batman’s early years, there’s no Lucius Fox to give him a military-grade tank like Christian Bale’s Batman in The Dark Knight trilogy. So it makes sense for it to not look too high-tech, but it’s Batman, so you know there are weapons hiding somewhere.

source: Matt Reeves/Twitter

It looks like Matt Reeves took inspiration from older iterations, like the fins on the backside do remind us of Batman ’66. Simple and badass.

source: Matt Reeves/Twitter

However, everything is meme-able. Who knows, maybe Bruce is just a fan of the Fast franchise. After all, it’s all about family.

We’re the only family we have, Bruce – Dominic Toretto. source: Times of India

We’d love to see a long car chase involving the Batmobile but before that, let’s take a drive throughout the history of the many Batmobiles that exists in films, comics and video games.

Batman ’66

Batman 1989

Batman: Arkham Series

The Dark Knight

Justice League

The Dark Knight Returns 

Here’s a bonus:

News and theories surrounding The Batman are all interesting. According to YouTube channel Heavy Spoilers, the film will take elements from Batman: The Long Halloween, Batman: Dark Victory, and a bit of Batman: Zero Year.

The majority of the film will come from Batman: Earth One. Pattison said Batman “wasn’t a hero”, which is a line from the synopsis on the book’s cover. In the graphic novel, Batman isn’t a hero, yet.

It would be interesting to see how these different elements would come together, but as a reminder, these are just theories. We’ll have to wait until the film comes out on 25 June 2021.

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