The Eerie Mystery of the 11 y/o Proton Savvy Abandoned at a Subang Jaya Mall

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source: TripCanvas

Have you ever came across an abandoned place or object and pondered on the mysteries that lie behind them?

Malaysia has its fair share of such stories, but one of the latest making its rounds online is a picture of a mysterious abandoned Proton Savvy left in the parking lot of a shopping mall in Subang Jaya.

According to a Facebook page called Malaysia Shopping Mall, the car had been abandoned at the mall’s parking lot since 2011.

Moreover, the car’s road tax sticker hadn’t been renewed since then, suggesting that it was left behind. The creepy image of the car sitting unused for 11 years has sparked major speculation among netizens.

Many came up with a variety of theories and speculations about the owner’s fate.

One netizen suggested that the owner may have passed away, while others have darker theories based on the year the car was abandoned.

source: Hype MY

On Facebook, a user commented that the owner may have been a passenger on the missing MH370 flight, while another suggested that the owner may have been a victim of the explosion that occurred at the same shopping centre in September of that year.

Some have even suggested that the owner “never left,” adding to the eerie mystery surrounding the abandoned vehicle.

source: Facebook

At the time of writing, there has been no update from the Facebook page’s admin regarding the abandoned car, and it’s unclear whether the mall management is aware of its presence.

As speculation continues to grow, it’s interesting to think about the possible fate of the car’s owner and the reasons behind its abandonment.

What do you think happened?