Newly Discovered Flight MH370 Debris Suggests Pilot May Have Deliberately Crashed

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source: Twitter

According to a report by engineer Richard Godfrey and wreckage hunter Blaine Gibson, recently discovered debris thought to be from flight MH370 may suggest that the pilot had intentionally crashed the aircraft.

A fisherman from Madagascar discovered the trunnion door of the plane 25 days prior to the report’s publication, welcoming the belief that “one of the pilots may have tried to quickly destroy and sink the jet.”

“The wreckage appears to have been penetrated from the inside by the aircraft’s exploded engines – indicating the landing gear was in use when the it hit the surface of the Indian Ocean,” read the report.

It is also believed that the pilot may have dropped the landing gear moments before the aircraft crashed into the water.

source: The Mirror

According to the analysis, this suggests that the landing gear was highly extended on impact and supports the notion that an active pilot was present until the flight’s end.

In March, Transport Minister Wee Ka Siong assured Malaysians that investigations regarding the plane’s disappearance would continue in the event that substantial evidence turns up.

He noted that the government’s pursuit in locating the aircraft has not been abandoned since it was reported to have disappeared on March 8, 2014.

239 people were on board.