Religious Preacher Says To Stay Away From Drinking Milk Because It Can Cause Nearsightedness

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We’re no stranger to hearing religious figures and their outlandish views – there have been protests against BLACKPINK for inviting the deceitful Messiah into Malaysian youths, and claims that nasi lemak is a Jewish conspiracy, and now we can add one more wild speculation to the list.

A viral Tik Tok from a religious preacher and a woman sitting next to him, claims that drinking too much milk can cause optical issues.

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The two, who are believed to be husband and wife, quoted the book of Ibnu Qayyim al-Jawziyya, where the man mentioned that excessive drinking of milk can cause nearsightedness, or myopia, according to a chapter in the book.

The statement, however, was not agreed by netizens. In fact, many netizens are disputing the ustaz who also wears short-sighted glasses.

Recently, medical expert and Twitter social media influencer, Khairul Hafidz appeared to have addressed the allegations.

In a speech made yesterday, Khairul explained that he has not found any scientific study that states that there is evidence that if a person drinks milk excessively, their eyes will become short-sighted.

“Regarding the issue of drinking excessive milk causing myopia. Because the individual said that in medicine there is a saying that drinking too much milk causes myopia, so I did a literature search,” said Khairul.

“My conclusion is that I have not found any literature that states this,” he said in a tweet.

In fact, scientists have proven that milk and dairy products are actually vital for maintaining good eyesight. It contains Vitamin A and Zinc, which helps the melanin pigment that helps protect the cornea.

Corneal Center – Colorado Eye Institute
Source: Healthdirect

“In short, don’t mislead the public with inaccurate medical facts, instead say there are medical facts that support the argument. If there is such a fact, please mention the source,” he said.

The uploaded video got the attention of netizens. Most of them agreed with Khairul and some insisted that the religious practitioner should present scientific evidence to support his claim that the disease exists.