Top 6 Online Instagram Shops for Thrift Store Lovers

Recently, the art of bundle shopping has come back to life these past few years. Brands like Champion, FILA, Reebok, Dickies, and Carhartt are making a huge comeback as more urban streetwearers are caught sporting ‘em. Besides looking fly af, you can get vintage unique pieces with awesome prices.

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Of course bundle shopping has tonnes of pros, but let’s be real, it’s tiring. Driving shop to shop to find the perfect garment that you want and going through overwhelming racks of clothes can be exhausting. It takes up most of the day and you end up leaving with just two pairs of shirts. So, why not let others do the work for you as you lay in the comfort of your bed.

JUICE presents to you six trusted Instagram bundle shops that are worth the look:

1. Baju Murah Dhaniyah

Specialising in oversized button ups, shirts and cool jackets, everything here is sold quick but restocked just as fast. Most items are around RM15.


2. Broke People’s Choice

They have the freshest branded garments and apparently they’re trying to sell everything under RM50. Even skate brands can be spotted here.


3. Boy From Terengganu

This shop right here also specialises in cool up-to-date brands. They even sell branded bags. Since their garments are quite unique, price points may vary on items.


4. Bundle Ngejas

Hit up ’em up if you like quirky t-shirts and sweatshirts. Everything here is usually below RM40.


5. Current Bundle

If you like statement tees, then this shop is for you. From Stussy to Coach, their tees are vintage and good for pairing with jeans for an everyday look.


6. Bundle Malaya

You can find a variety of garments here – from Vans sweatshirts to checkered buttons up. Not to mention, their page is very clean and easy on the eyes.


Get ready to flex on these hoes!

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