Muslim Preacher Says Nasi Lemak Is Jewish Conspiracy & Part Of Illuminati’s Plan To Corrupt Muslims

There were several conspiracy theories about the Illuminati and the organisation’s symbol, the Eye of Providence that are going around, but none of them have solid evidence to prove it.

Recently, a conspiracy theory was introduced by a Muslim preacher, Ustad Harun Jalil as he claimed that nasi lemak wrapped in a triangle resembles Illuminati’s Eye of Providence.

Yeah, you read that right.

The Hiburan Netizen Facebook page recently shared a screenshot of one of Ustad Harun Jalil’s posts, where he warned the Malaysians against eating triangle-packet nasi lemaks.

“Whose idea was it to make triangle-shaped nasi lemaks? Think about it”, the preacher wrote.

He then linked these banana leaf packet nasi lemaks to the Illuminati, while claiming that it is a Jewish conspiracy to damaged the faith of the people.

“The nasi lemak package is a symbol of the illuminati. It is a Jewish conspiracy to damage the faith of those boycotting them.”

The post also came with a side-by-side comparison of the triangular shape of nasi lemak and the symbol of the highly secretive society Illuminati, suggesting that the two share more similarities than most people think.Simple authentic nasi lemak wrapped in banana leaf, popular breakfast in Malaysia Stock Photo by ThamKC

The post has since received over 700 likes at the time of writing, with many scoffing at the idea that nasi lemak had ties to a Jewish conspiracy.

In the comment section, many netizens called out to the preacher for promoting such conspiracy theories that could cause people to look down on the religion.

In general, Malaysians, whether Muslims or non-Muslims do not seem to be convinced by the preacher’s claims and find him hilarious. Check out some of the reactions here:Nasi lemak conspiracy 02Nasi lemak conspiracy 04Nasi Lemak 5Nasi Lemak 7

Nasi Lemak 6Nasi Lemak 4

Apparently, the same preacher had been spreading hate speech on social media, urging Muslims to refrain from taking food from non-Muslims, claiming they will put poison in their food.

Considering many underprivileged Malaysians are selling these ‘bungkus’ nasi lemaks as a source of income, maybe it’s best to leave it be and allow people to just enjoy their favourite food.