2020 Fashion and Beauty Predictions From Malaysian IG-Baddies

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(source: IG @glossier & @sitabellan)

Fashion trends are always changing. Unlike most countries, how we dress does not really depend on the seasons because it’s either raining or just scorching hot. You could say that we are inspired by high-fashion but let’s be real – at the end of the day, we’re scrolling through Instagram to see what the heck to wear and spend hours looking up fashion-inspo.

That’s where celebrities and IG-influencers come in! They’ll be all over your IG newsfeed with their bomb-ass outfit either sitting front row at #KLFW, vlogging at their favourite retail store in the name of YouTube or simply out for a cute lepak session. So, like it or not, influencers do have to the power to… you guessed it – influence.

We tracked down some of our fave fashion-slayers and ask them a simple question: What trend to do you think will blow-up this year? 

Scroll down and see what they have to say(Disclaimer: This is a fun prediction based on IG and not based on fashion-runways):

1. @Serimizani

(source: IG @serimizani)

Seri’s style: Bohemian with a twist.

Fashion/Beauty Prediction: “I think people will move more towards being sustainable in fashion as it does benefit them to self express their looks by thrifting, upcycling old materials etc… They could also find gems that you’d never expect to find at retailers.”

2. @d8.eyes

(source: IG @d8.eyes)

Evonne’s style: “I would describe my fashion style as neo-romantic 90s goth girl vibes. I dress based on my ever-changing mood so it’s hard to describe as one particular style, I wear ALMOST anything.”

Fashion/Beauty Prediction: “A beauty trend I think will blow up in 2020 is editorial makeup being more mainstream. Fashion I feel like we’re moving into the whole 80s prediction of what 2020 would be like, so maybe space thigh-high boots.”

(source: IG @afierhm)
(source: IG @koleendz & @jorjapins)

3. @j0.ms

(source: IG @j0.ms)

Johanis’s style: “I would say that I have a broad spectrum when it comes to describing my style. Coming from someone who loves fashion I’d like to dress in anything, from street to preppy, you name it!”

Fashion/Beauty Prediction: “A lot of the 2000’s trends would be back this 2020. A lot of mini shoulder bags, headbands and patchwork denim.”

(source: IG @stealthespotlight & @aimiracleqiqi_ )

4. @nalisaliamin

(source: IG @nalisaliamin)

Nalissa’s style: “Mostly 90s style but I have no type of style in specific. Sometimes I feel like dressing like a bougie aunty and at times I feel like dressing like a bootleg Lisa Bonet or Janet Jackson. Gold hoops are a must for me.”

Fashion/Beauty Prediction: “I feel like the early 2000s will be hitting big this year in fashion with vibrant colours same goes with beauty with more lip glosses and minimal makeup. Thank god because the baking and contouring situation is getting out of hand.”

(source: IG @naomiroestel & @wolfiecindy)

5. @carloskhu a.k.a @kumelakumslut

(source: Fashion Photographer & Drag Queen – IG @carloskhu & @kumelakumslut)

Their style: “My fashion style is androgynously experimental. I’m always reinventing my style through my journey and experience called LIFE.”

Fashion/Beauty Prediction: “I wish people would develop their own fashion trends for themselves – find beauty in themselves and those around them. I don’t care what is going to trend because that’s not important. I just wear what makes me feel best but if you ask me, oversized and shoulder pads are everything forever!

(source: IG @urfavramen & @kyliejenner)

Based on these girlies’ advise, do you think you’ll rock any of their predictions or perhaps be bold enough to be your own trendsetter?

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