Popular PJ Cafe, Awesome Canteen Supports The #BenderaPutih Movement

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Awesome Canteen @ Taman Paramount, Petaling Jaya
source: Me Coffey Journey

Solidarity comes in many different forms but it all comes from the same source: kindness.

In light of the #BenderaPutih movement that has been sweeping the internet, a popular PJ cafe called Awesome Canteen has recently joined in on the cause.

For those who are unaware, #BenderaPutih signals one’s need for help during the tumultuous pandemic. Birthed from erecting white flags in neighbourhoods to adding a white flag on one’s username on Twitter, the hashtag has now evolved to accommodate all of those in need of aid.

Paleo friendly meals - Awesome Canteen, Petaling Jaya Traveller Reviews - Tripadvisor
source: Trip Advisor

Now, Awesome Canteen suggests that if anyone is in need of a free meal, they can simply present a white piece of paper at the cashier.

Encouraging their customers to take part in this demonstration of solidarity, Awesome Canteen posted their initiative on their Instagram page.

Of course, times are tough for businesses especially in food & beverages, so the restaurant is hoping everyone is being honest when it comes to presenting the white paper.

It should be obvious that if you are not in need of a free meal, you should not take away that opportunity from someone who does.

There are limited free meals available at the cafe so transparency is of utmost importance to them so they can continue to help the community.

So, if you are in the PJ area and you need help or you know someone that does, spread the word about Awesome Canteen’s new initiative. They’re not only helping in feeding the community, but they’re signal-boosting an important cause as well.