Popular ‘Attack On Titan’ Manga is Censored in Malaysia, And Yes, The Titans Wear Underwear

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There are two things that are uniting Malaysians during this pandemic. The first is our hardships, where we all band-together to help one another through difficult financial times.

The second is the explosive anime, Attack on Titan.

For those of you who are tragically unaware, Attack on Titan is an anime currently available on Netflix about a group of teenage soldiers who are fighting a titan epidemic.

Not only is it relatable in a way where the community is working together to fight one true evil (in our case it’s Covid-19) but it also has political noir and coup d’etats that have also been going on in real life.

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All in, the show has been trending on Twitter as well as on Netflix since it is at its final season.

So, when avid watchers of the show found out that the manga, which originally depicts the titans in their true, naked form, are actually censored in Malaysia, they had a lot to say about it.

Check out the comically-censored panels below (For anime-only fans, there’s a Season 4 spoiler so beware!):

For reference, here are the characters uncensored:

Despite the titans not having genitals, Malaysia still found a way to throw on some Calvin Klein boxers on Eren Jaeger.

But are we really surprised? We’re all far too familiar with Malaysia’s censorship laws at this point, it’s just that this one is too hilarious to ignore.