WATCH: Myanmar Military Troops Interrupt Video of Woman Dancing to Meme Song ‘Ampun Bang Jago’

Myanmar Woman Inadvertently Recorded Coup D'état in Workout Video That's Gone Viral

On February 1, Myanmar awoke to news of a coup d’etat when the military seized power and declared a state of emergency.

After the detainment of the country’s civilan leader, Aung San Suu Kyi, who urged the people to protest against the coup, many other of the nation’s leaders and political figures were arrested as well.

As of now, military troops are roaming the city and internet connectivity has been cut off. Consequently, banks have also suspended services due to the lack of internet connection.

Civilians are in a state of panic after their country has been turned upside down overnight. With fear rising each hour, the community has been panic buying groceries in case the economy crashes.

So when a video of a woman animatedly dancing to popular Indonesian meme song ‘Ampun Bang Jago’ went viral, many saw it as a momentary comedic relief amidst an extremely tense situation.

The video was posted by Physical Education teacher, Khing Hnin Wai, on her Facebook account, where she normally uploads her dancing routines.

In the video, she seems to be completely oblivious of the convoy of black military SUVs driving towards the parliament building behind her.

The scene almost looks like a clip from a dystopian film and what makes it more ironic is that the song she is dancing to is ‘Ampun Bang Jago’, which is an Indonesian song used to mock the authority, most notably the police or military.

Currently, the video uploaded to the teacher’s Facebook sits at 47,000 likes with 15,000 shares but a re-upload of it on Twitter has 15,000 shares and 36,000 likes.

Take a look: