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The New FNAF Movie Will Have You In Stitches, Not Springlocks

The closest thing to a death rattle you’ll hear while you watch this film is probably gonna be your own sniggering.

Pop Culture

Hercule Poirot Faces an Unsolvable Supernatural Murder Mystery in ‘A Haunting in Venice’

An adaptation of Agatha Christie’s novel, Hallowe’en Party, A Haunting in Venice takes the novel’s core themes and effectively adapts them with a change in setting.


10 Reasons Why Kids Should Learn about Sex from this Cartoon

Where was Big Mouth when we were pimply teens?


Tokyo Idols Uncovers the Urban Loneliness Surrounding Life in Modern Japan

Far from being a sensationalised piece, Kyoko Miyake’s film is at once inquisitive and self-reflective on the rise of idol girls and the middleaged men who dedicate their lives to them.


The Dark Tower Is The Movie Everybody Wants, But Nobody Needs

It might just even be the magic bullet that puts Sony Pictures out of its own misery.


Baby Driver Is An Epic Music Video-Movie Hybrid

Fun and funky fresh, this is the one movie you need to see this year.