Pontianak Caught on Camera Visiting ‘Abang Askar’ at Roadblock in Sabah

(source: Twitter @ohtweet)

Congrats! You’re not a scaredy-cat for opening this story.

Yesterday (4 Feb), @ohtweet uploaded three photos on Twitter of a Pontianak visiting soldiers on duty at a COVID-19 roadblock located in Jalan Giram, Kunak, Sabah.

The tweet wrote: “Facing life’s trials as a frontliner on duty. If during the day they have to deal with different people’s behaviours, at night they are disturbed by Pontianak who appear at their place of work”. 

Take a look: 

Looks like Kak Ponti is tired of staying at home and decided to socialise! While we do applaud the Pontianak for following SOP by social distancing, she is definitely missing her face mask.

While we are unsure of when these photos were taken – last year, three PDRM officers and two RELA personnel were on duty during a COVID-19 roadblock at Jalan Tenom-Sipitang, Sabah, when they were harassed by the sound of a woman crying.

The video of the incident went viral and many thought it was a Pontianak. Upon investigation by the police, the sound was non-existent, and it was just a “prank” by irresponsible individuals who were trying to spook the authorities.

So, let’s hope this is the case for this spooky incident too.