Police Reject Interstate Travel Request Because Submitter Wanted To Go Shopping At Genting Highlands

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One of the most difficult parts about the current CMCO is the limiting of interstate travels. Many Malaysians have lamented the regulation because it inhibits them from seeing family members, close friends or even travelling for work purposes if deemed not a necessity.

While local authorities are working diligently to go through all applications in order to select those worthy of an appeal, there are some reasons cited by Malaysians that the police are simply shaking their heads at.

One of the reasons arose recently when someone submitted an application for interstate travel because they wanted to go shopping in Genting Highlands.

Berani buat, beranilah tanggung" - Ketua Polis Selangor

According to the chief of police in Selangor, Datuk Noor Azam Jamaludin, they’ve rejected up to 15,190 application forms and that was one of the more ridiculous ones. He continued by saying,

“It’s not that we don’t allow interstate travels but to go shopping in Genting Highlands is just unreasonable. Please follow the regulations and stay at home if it’s not urgent. Throughout the whole CMCO since 14 October, there have been 229,907 applications for interstate travels and we’ve accepted 214,717 and rejected 15,190.”

Noor Azam stressed that they do recognise viable reasons such as hospital treatments, illnesses, death, appointments and other reasons of the sort.

He also took the opportunity to remind us that it is a collective effort to curb the virus and travelling without a rational excuses is putting us several steps back when it comes to flattening the curve.