Massive Crocodile Weighing 800kg Found Behind Primary School in Sarawak Has Been Euthanised

Sarawak firemen rescue ridiculously fat croc from drain

At 11pm, Limbang fire station received an urgent call, alerting them of a massive saltwater crocodile behind a primary school. When the team got there, they were shocked to find a 15-foot long (5 metres) croc that was soon revealed to weigh 800kg.

For scale, the average length of a croc is 4.3 metres and the average weight is 400-500kg.

The reptile was apparently loitering in a drain behind SK St Edmund when he was captured by the firemen. The team then went ahead and covered its eyes before tying its mouth and limbs in order to safely transport it away from the school. It was then handed over to Sarawak Forestry Corporation (SFC) for further action.

Upon inspection, the SFC found gunshot wounds on the croc’s head that were too severe to be treated. Not wanting to prolong its suffering, they decided to put it down. SFC chief executive officer Zolkipli Mohamad Aton said,

“We had to put it down. A member of the public had shot it in the head before the Limbang Fire and Rescue Department could reach the crocodile. We at SFC are investigating who shot the crocodile.”

The body was then transported via forklift to a nature sanctuary located in Kubong village for a proper burial.