Cat Carried to Court to Attend The Hearing of 79-Year-Old Abuser Who Paralysed It

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Animal abuse is sadly a common occurrence nowadays in Malaysia. With innumerable articles related to the murder and abuse of dogs, it seems like Malaysia needs help in building compassion towards misunderstood animals.

Most of the time, these animals don’t get a say in the way they are being treated but this time, a cat named ‘Baby’ is taking a stand… literally.

The wide-eyed feline was allegedly abused by 79-year-old Cosmos Chong Say Hun to the point of paralysis. It was present in court during Cosmos’ hearing.

The retired teacher pleaded not guilty to the accusation that he had thrown a 1 metre-long sharp metal rod at Baby, hurting her and causing her suffering until she gradually became paralysed.

He was said to have done the act after he alleged the cat had dirtied his lawn. The offence had allegedly taken place in the compound of a house in Lengkok Tembaga, Island Park, George Town at about 6.40pm on Nov 15 last year.

If convicted, Cosmos will face jail for not more than 3 years or a fine of RM20,000 to RM100,000 or both.

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