M’sian Artist Makes Pop Sockets & Fridge Magnets That Look Exactly Like Our Favourite Local Dishes

There’s nothing Malaysians love more than food and who can blame us? Our local dishes are so elite that tourists would fly across the globe just to eat our nasi lemak… and at Village Park no less!

So it’s no wonder why artists in Malaysia would create miniature figurines to replicate our favourite treats, even drawing the attention of Deadpool himself.

There’s no shortage of tributes for Malaysian cuisine but none are as cute or as yummy-looking as the pop sockets, miniatures and fridge magnets crafted by Zati Ezwani.


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Starting out as a portrait artist, art used to be just a hobby for Ezwani. However, in March of last year, she started making clay miniatures and from there, her interest grew into creating fridge magnets and pop sockets to sell.

On her Instagram, Ezwani shows off her knack for creating uncanny dishes by posting her cute satay, nasi lemak, ais kacang and my personal favourite, nasi ulam figurines.

Take a look:



During our brief chat, the artist mentioned how she plans to start a series not only for pop sockets and fridge magnets but also for pins and brooches. However, she’s still prioritising custom orders as of right now so she doesn’t get swamped with work.

JUICE asked Ezwani how she was coping as an artist during the pandemic and thankfully, she disclosed that she has been doing okay, receiving commissions once in a while and even having time to take breaks.

If you want to support Ezwani and help her continue her streak of good luck, DM her on Twitter and Instagram to get your own customised miniatures.