PHOTOS: PKR & Warisan Plus Shame Party-Jumping Politicians by Grilling ‘Katak’ at BBQ-Feast

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(source: MalaysiaKini)

How to lompat if you’re getting eaten? Amidst the chaos in the political scene right now, PKR and Warisan Plus candidates in Sabah decided to host a katak-themed dinner with actual grilled frogs.

According to MalaysiaKini, the BBQ-feast was held at a hawker centre in Kota Kinabalu yesterday and was officially themed as “fiesta bitter gourd frog rice”.

You might think that this dinner is just a bunch of dudes roasting frogs on skewers, but the cheeky shade comes from the fact that politicians who defect–jumping from one political party to whichever seems likely to win–are colloquially known as katak (frogs).

The roasting of the frogs and the feast are supposed to symbolise the rejection of this type of politician, and as a reminder, since Sabah is in the midst of a state election.

Around 150 high-spirited party members and supporters, mostly clad in T-shirts featuring the portrait of caretaker Chief Minister Shafie Apdal, served the crowd with the frog dishes.

MP Teresa Kok who was also present at the dinner noted that the special frog dishes were not only delicious, but they could be turned into attractions for international tourists when the Covid-19 pandemic is over. She even joked that frog kuih and frog biscuits can also be made as Sabah’s new speciality dishes.

Take a look at what happened: 

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