PDRM Released a Song to Wish Malaysians a Happy Ramadan

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source: RMP TV Channel/ YouTube

Ramadan sudah tiba… and this year is a weird one for us. Usually, there would be hundreds of bazaars where people, regardless of race and religion would go to get their Ramadan cravings fix.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic that’s plaguing our world, Muslims are now celebrating inside their homes, whether with a family or alone. In the spirit of Ramadan, PDRM has released a song called ‘Ramadan Datang Polis Diraja Malaysia’ to wish Malaysians happy fasting.

Originally called ‘Ramadan Datang’ by Indonesian artist Tompi, the song was performed by PDRM’s marching band. The song also aims to tell Malaysians to keep staying at home during MCO and together, we can break the COVID-19 chain in our country.

Good to know that PDRM isn’t only working hard to keep us safe, but also entertaining us!

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