Student Fined & Sentenced to a Week in Jail for Sending ‘Kek Batik’ to Her Boyfriend

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The MCO, despite its importance, has truly altered our social habits here in Malaysia. The experience of hanging out in real life as opposed to chatting with someone through a screen is just too different. Couples who don’t live together would probably share the same sentiment, having no access to their significant other.

Perhaps that is why a 22-year old university student happily headed to her boyfriend’s house and gave him some kek batik which she had made herself. Unfortunately for the both of them, patrolling PDRM officers spotted the two lovebirds in the same car and began to question them.

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KiniTV stated that the police found them on 18 March in a car parked by the side of a road with the engine still running. When the woman was questioned as to why she was there, she simply replied that she wanted to bring her boyfriend the cake she had made.

It seems like the reason she gave did not sit well with the police as she was fined RM800 and sentenced to 7 days jail time. Her boyfriend on the other hand received a higher fine of RM1000 but faces no jail time if he manages to pay the fine. If he doesn’t, he’ll be sentenced to a heavier two months of jail time.

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At their trial hearing, Magistrate Ellyna Othman ordered that the 22-year-old woman carry out her 7-day sentence beginning from the 18th of April when she was first arrested. Additionally, should she fail to pay her fine, she will be sentenced to another 2 months in prison which applies to her boyfriend as well.

Shalehhuddin Salam, who served as the couple’s lawyer, pleaded for a lenient sentence claiming the accused did not intentionally disregard the MCO while also pointing out that this was the couple’s first offence.

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Unfortunately for the defendants, Deputy Public Prosecutor (DPP) – Nur Syazwanie Marizan did not agree with their lawyer’s statement, stating that the female defendant’s excuse to ignore the MCO was unreasonable and believed that the two should be punished to remind people that the MCO must be taken seriously.

“The people must be reminded that they cannot simply defy the MCO as it could lead to new clusters of COVID-19 emerging,” said the DPP.

It might take awhile before we can head out and enjoy some cake with our significant other, but ultimately it’s for the best.

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