Online Classes Will Continue Until 31 Dec for Uni Students Except for These 5 Groups

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source: Atlas Network

With new cases of Covid-19 either rising or remaining at a plateau, it seems that returning to university for classes is just not a viable option at the moment. Due to that, online classes will continue until the end of the year to ensure the safety of students.

The Higher Education Ministry announced this, stating that all teaching and learning will go on until 31 December 2020. However, there will be an exception for only 5 groups of students. These groups are:

  1. Post-graduate students involved in research. The reason being these students need to conduct their research in laboratories, workshops, studios thus needing special equipment to complete it.

As for the remaining 4, they will resume studies on campus after July 1. These groups are:

  1. Final year/final semester students whose work involves clinical tasks, practical training, laboratories, workshops and studios.
  2. Final year/final semester students who do not have a conducive studying environment when studying online or who do not have access to online studying.
  3. Students with special needs who require face-to-face learning under Technical and Vocational training.
  4. All new intake students at all public universities who are fresh SPM graduates. This also involves STPM graduates embarking on first degree programmes.

Of course, these regulations and dates are subject to the current condition of the pandemic and the rules set by the authorities. As of now, these are the only groups allowed to return to campus.

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