The Shan Ai Home For Old Folks & Disabled Children Urgently Calls for Donations

Without a doubt, COVID-19 has taken its toll immensely on charitable organisations and they are still struggling to run their causes without proper financial help.

The Shan Ai Home for Old Folks & Disabled Children in Cheras is facing financial constraints to cover the huge expenses that they had to face due to the pandemic.

Back in 2020, the organization requested public donations with their goal being RM14,400. Unfortunately, they only collected RM1,340 which is only 9.31% of the target.

As reported previously, the centre does not have any fixed sponsorship from outsiders.

Their target donation goal will be used to cover meal allowances (RM9,100), medical fees (RM3,800) and also rent (RM1,500).

A lack of funds has forced the organisation to appeal to every kind-hearted person in an effort to maintain and safeguard the lives of its angels.

The shelter is searching for 54 kind individuals who are willing to donate RM268 each to those individuals who reside at the centre.

If you are interested in giving a helping hand, you can donate to the following bank account.

The home also welcomes anyone who would like to visit and connect with the children who are in need.

Contact Mr Lucas at 012-8818364 for more information on the home.

Your small contribution makes a huge difference!