WATCH: Myvi Driver Caught With A Bong Caused 5 Cars to Crash in North-South Expressway

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A video of a major accident along the North-South Expressway near Seremban is causing controversy on Twitter.

The black Myvi caused 4 other cars to crash into a vehicle allegedly carrying a small passenger.

The incident was captured on dashcam footage.

It shows a Myvi colliding with an Avanza, which then caused it to smash into two other vehicles. A tyre went flying into the other lane and collided with the fourth vehicle.

Following the incident, a Twitter user uploaded a video of bystanders checking up on the driver and found the driver to be under the influence of drugs.

The bystanders found a makeshift bong in the car of the driver and immediately confiscated the item.

The Seremban PDRM has said that the man, who is 28-years-old, would be probed in accordance with the Dangerous Drugs Act.

Adding insult to injury, the high driver also claimed himself to be Imam al-Mahdi (a messianic figure in Islamic eschatology) with a video of him reciting the shahada.

As soon as the video surfaced, some Twitter users claimed that the driver was under the influence of a more hazardous substance, and not just marijuana.

Some users also criticised Malaysians who have been fighting to legalise medical marijuana.

One Twitter user tagged Syed Saddiq and asked if he would still fight to legalise the substance. The user also claimed that the risks of marijuana outweigh the benefits.