WATCH: Local OKU Couple Gets Married Using Sign Language, Netizens In Awe

source: TikTok

In our current digital age, it’s very easy for certain recorded moments to go viral once uploaded to social media. Especially when something so sweet and pure captures the hearts of netizens.

That’s exactly what happened when two disabled (OKU) newlyweds conducted their entire akad nikah (Muslim marriage) through the use of sign language as pictured above.

source: TikTok

A TikTok uploaded by @zuraidazulkiflie – the bride’s sister, demonstrated how both husband and wife solidified their union through their mutual use of sign language.

Check out the blushing bride skilfully using sign language in the video below:

@zuraidazulkifle Membalas kepada @sitiyusoff11 ♬ bunyi asal – Zuraida Zulkifle

Coincidentally, in a separate Tiktok posted by the bride’s sister, it was revealed that about 70% of the guests were also deaf and similarly used sign language to communicate with each other and the newlyweds.

Another TikTok she posted showed the rather quiet but happy atmosphere of the whole ceremony:

@zuraidazulkifle Membalas kepada @sitizaharahothman ♬ Selamat Pengantin Baru – Wann

Netizens flooded Zuraida’s TikTok page with supportive comments. One commenter even joked that this wedding would be one of the most blessed since there were no gossiping makcik bawangs.

I wouldn’t say I’d agree with the commenter as I’m pretty sure deaf people also have their own membawang sessions, just with hand movements instead of words.

This just goes to show that true love knows no boundaries and not even a disability can stop what is meant to be. Congrats to the newlyweds from us at JUICE!