‘Wrong Shoes’ Update: Witnesses Allege That They Did Not See Teen Punished

source: NST

Yesterday we reported on a case regarding a Form 1 girl getting disciplinary action from a senior teacher for wearing the wrong shoes.

She also claimed that her kayiru (holy string) was cut and was forced to remove her pottu (black dot) and vibhuti (sacred ash). All of which are important religious items within the Hindu faith.

We’ve come to find out that the senior teacher in question has filed a separate police report of his own, denying all allegations with several witnesses (including students) alleging that they did not see her punishment take place.

source: FMT

According to preliminary investigations, Seberang Prai Utara police chief Assistant Commissioner Mohd Radzi Ahmad claims the student had just recently transferred to the school last month.

He said that police had received multiple statements from several witnesses, including both Malay and non-Malay students as well as teachers claiming that they did not see the incident take place.

Furthermore, the witnesses also allege that her holy string was not cut, nor her pottu and vibhuti  removed and claimed they saw her sporting all the aforementioned religious items after school hours.

According to Mohd Radzi, the case is being probed under Section 298 of the Penal Code as seen above.

He also stated that “Investigations are still ongoing. People should not speculate on matters, especially those involving religion which can affect racial harmony. Police view the matter seriously and will not compromise”.

We urge everybody to heed the Assistant Commissioner’s words and let the police do their jobs to uncover the whole truth of the incident without speculating or spreading hate.