Non-Profit Organisation Petitions for Pornhub to be Shutdown… And for Good Reason

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I know you’ve already read a slew of Pornhub related articles from us, but hear me out on this one!


Before you start sharpening your pitchforks to protect your beloved safe haven, it’s important to preface that the organisation, Traffickinghub, is not at all anti-porn. In fact, they have no qualms with the material you watch on a rainy afternoon, they just have a problem with it when it becomes harmful towards children.

From the name itself, you can derive that Traffickinghub is an organisation that is aimed towards preventing sex trafficking amongst children. Its founder, Laila Mickelwait, was originally the co-founder of a Christian organisation that cited Pornhub as ‘evil’. She has a fair point considering the fact that Pornhub continues to aid in child sex trafficking which leads to children being sexually groomed and abused. To know exactly what that means, watch this harrowing video by Blake Lively below.

Prior to this movement, Mickelwait references the problematic history of porn sites in the case of Girls Do Porn. The aforementioned site is an amateur porn site where young women were ultimately deceived and coerced into performing sexual acts that were then uploaded onto the site before consequently being shared on Pornhub. These 22 women then sued the owner, Michael Pratt, and won the $12.7 million lawsuit. Not only was coercion and deception involved, but Pratt and his co-conspirators were also accused of trafficking children, producing content that shows sexual and physical abuse.

Pornhub continues to profit off the exploitation of young women and children and it’s beginning to become a worldwide sex trafficking ring that is obliviously enjoyed by many viewers.

The most egregious offence is the sheer ease for anyone to post a video on Pornhub. Mickelwait explained that it only takes an email and 10 minutes of your time to upload a video onto the site and potentially ruin someone’s life… forever.

Case in point, a 15-year old missing girl’s 30-year old assailant was captured because he had uploaded over 50 videos of him and the child having sex on the platform. Not only did he repeatedly rape her, but he even got her pregnant and forced her to abort the baby.

source: The Act/Hulu

It’s no secret that ‘teen’ is one of the most popular searches on the site and has been for the past 6 years. This in itself is alarming because it shows a significant demand for these kinds of materials to be uploaded and shared for profit. The fetishisation is further exacerbated when young women are forced to don pigtails, fake braces and short pink skirts to appear younger than they are, alluring child predators and creating more demand.

6 million videos are uploaded per year and that is just a rough estimate. This means that hundreds of thousands of these videos could depict young women and children in uncompromising acts. With sponsors like Unilever and Heinz, Pornhub continues to feed its audience with what they want, putting more people in danger.


Many people have expressed their concern and disgust towards the practices Pornhub is involved with. On International Women’s Day, citizens of Montreal protested outside Pornhub HQ against child sex trafficking and sexual exploitation of vulnerable women.

To conclude, Pornhub is a giant in the porn industry and for it to shut down is merely impossible due to the revenue it generates per year. Instead of shutting it down completely, which in my opinion is a quixotic task, it is integral to keep the executives of the company accountable for the content being uploaded on their site.


It’s 2020, we have no room in our hearts to forgive those who purposely aid in the production and distribution of child pornography and women exploitation. The petition to spearhead this movement has already garnered more than 400,000 signatures. Add to that number.

To sign the petition, click here.

For more information on Traffickinghub, click here.

Main image: The Crush 1993, starring 16-year old Alicia Silverstone

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