Pornhub Releasing First Non-Pornographic Movie, ‘Shakedown’

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source: VIMOOZ

It seems that the world’s biggest adult entertainment website, Pornhub is doing a lot of things other than making sexy videos. They’re consistent in their environmental campaigns, witty with their spinoffs of current events, and now, they’re expanding their list of films by releasing their first non-adult film.

Without context, the trailer just looks like it’s going to be arthouse porn, but Shakedown, directed by filmmaker and conceptual artist, Leilah Weinraub is accurately described as a documentary. The film explores the subculture surrounding a black lesbian strip club of the same name in the early 2000s that were populated by queer men and women.

Weinraub hopes to engage Pornhub’s female users and in that quest, the site has a dedicated homepage where female users can be “alone, together” and discuss the film on live chat while watching it. Weinraub herself will drop in once a week to converse with users.

“There’s a cool opportunity right now to present films in the art space, there’s more openness to diversity and content, and a different sort of storytelling,” Weinraub told Variety.

Leilah Weinraub. source: Cultured Magazine

Pornhub’s brand director Alex Klein said this film is part of a larger commitment the company has to support the arts, and to be seen as a platform that artists and creators can use.

“We’ve seen artists in general upload content to the site, that might not have a home at places like YouTube or Vimeo, who don’t permit nudity. For us, premiering a feature-length film is a first. We’re very excited about it,” Klein said.

Shakedown is available to stream for free on Pornhub this March and will be available to purchase on iTunes this summer.

You can watch the film here now, but make sure to check your VPN or else you’ll get an “amaran.” (We’ve all been there).

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