New Streaming Platform, SIAR Will Stream Classic Malaysian Films From The ’70s To The 2000s

source: SIAR

Since times are tough right now, everyone’s looking to the past and taking strolls down memory lane in order to relive those days where the Covid-19 pandemic was just another fad for an upcoming apocalyptic blockbuster.

Stuck at home and relying on streaming platforms for entertainment, many streaming giants have started to up their game and provide more content for us consumers. However, we all need a lil’ Malaysian flavour in our diets once in a while which is why the new platform, SIAR is so appealing.

For only RM10 a month for an all-access subscription, SIAR offers the following films for your entertainment:

  1. Abang
  2. Abang 92
  3. Adik
  4. Azura
  5. Bukit kepong
  6. Da Di Du
  7. Esok Masih Ada
  8. Ghazal Untuk Rabiah
  9. Jogho
  10. Kami
  11. Kembar Siam
  12. Menanti Hari Esok
  13. Perempuan Isteri Dan …
  14. Sembilu
  15. Sembilu 2
  16. Seri Dewi Malam
  17. Sikit Punya Gila
  18. Suara Kekasih
  19. Tiada Esok Bagimu
  20. Tuan Badol
  21. XX Ray
  22. XX Ray II

The platform already has a steady following on Facebook since they regularly upload snippets from some of our favourite classic films.

This is a great initiative to preserve the heritage of local film and to continue to expose the newer generations to gems from the past. So, you don’t need to resort to getting those cetak rompak CDs or torrents, just login to SIAR for your daily dose of a blast from the past.