Netizens React To Tone-Deaf Trailer of ‘The House’ Starring Privileged Socialites

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We are all aware of the current struggles of the B40 during this pandemic. Many have lost their jobs, businesses, homes and even been separated from their families for long periods of time because of the regulations and limitations that come with Covid-19 SOPs.

While many from the community are coalescing to help one another get through this tough ordeal, it seems that there are still people out there who are blinded by their privilege and wealth. This sheer lack of empathy and astounding tone-deafness is evident in a recent trailer for the sixth season of a show titled The House, premiering on Astro Gempak.

Being obnoxiously rich comes with a hefty price and that price is the absence of self-awareness.

Ezurin Khyra kongsi kisah hidup peribadi dalam The House | Astro Awani
source: Astro Awani

Here we have the elite, the top-tier socialites who dress to the high heavens in designer clothing and have probably never been in a non-air conditioned room their entire life.

The premise of this reality TV show, or at least this 5th season of their run, centres around starlet Ezurin Khyra, who also cloyingly likes to be referred to as Princess Ezurin, and her 5 precious children whom all have prominent posh accents.

Check it out…

Known for being a fashionable jet-setter and life of the party, Ezurin is forced, via a reality TV show that would surely pay her well, out of her comfort zone of private jets and lavish hotels to experience the simple life a.k.a our lives.

Thrusted into a rural area because her current mansion is being renovated, Ezurin and her children must face the “challenges” of living in a home without WiFi or a TV. I know… I’m praying for her too as I write this article. 

Halfway into the trailer, we see Ezurin breakdown into tears though it’s not revealed what is causing her stress. Further on, if you manage to keep watching, we see her navigate through first dates with influential looking people since she had previously divorced her husband who had ties to the royal family.



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And tonight, I’ll fall asleep with you in my heart Salvador…

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When the trailer was uploaded by Astro Awani onto Twitter, netizens had a field day criticising and highlighting how abhorrent this type of content is especially during such a sensitive time. Many berated the programme and stated that it was the bottom of the barrel for Astro to put out something with such little substance.

In order to accurately paint the picture of the chaos going on surrounding the response towards the show, here are a few reactions from Twitter-netizens. Careful, they’re all pretty flammable.









Being able to escape your life of luxury at any time you please just so you could live one day in the life of those who are less privileged than you is far from amusing, endearing or entertaining. In fact, it’s a portrayal of downright putrid entitlement and elitism.

When you are in such a substantial position of power and you choose to use your resources for a reality TV show instead of donating and contributing to society, it’s time to reevaluate your life and humble yourself. Maybe those designer hats and rose-tinted Chanel sunglasses are clouding your judgement.

So, now that we have all collectively decided to boycott this show and never give it an ounce of our time, here are a few charities and outlets where you can help out on because God knows you need a catharsis after watching that utter train wreck of a trailer.


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Tl;dr: It’s never nice when rich people turn the real life struggles of the under privileged into entertainment. Some of us actually have to live this life.