Netizens React To Neelofa’s ‘Muslim-Friendly’ Slippers That Cost More Than Go-To Sportswear Brands

Tampil Berbeza, Gaya Neelofa Bertudung Bawal & Berpurdah Dipuji Netizen
source: Beautifulnara

Never shying away from controversy, celebrity entrepreneur Neelofa has reappeared in some not-so-flattering headlines with her new collaboration with local sandals brand Fipper.

In case you needed reminding, this former actress who once launched her hijab line at a nightclub and promoted beauty products for babies ignited flames online due to her recent garish wedding to preacher, PU Riz.

While the SOPs surrounding her wedding ceremony are still under investigation as well as her recent “business” trip to Langkawi which allowed her to go on cable-car and jet-ski rides between meetings, the starlet is under fire yet again for something completely unrelated.

source: Rojak Daily

Posting an Instagram story, Neelofa was excited to announce her collaboration with the affordable (until they met Neelofa) sandals brand Fipper.

Netizens were quick to spot an interesting claim regarding the footwear, which was that these rubber flip-flops were “muslim-friendly.”

Take a look:


The term “muslim-friendly” is normally tied to restaurants to illustrate that it is halal but it’s quite rare to see that label on a shoe, especially one that we all probably already own.

Not only was it surprising to see those words slapped haphazardly on a slipper launch, but netizens were also gobsmacked by the price, which is RM79.90. For reference, the Nike slides are priced at RM79 and is currently available for a discounted price of RM59 on their website.

A quick glance at Fipper’s catalogue would also show you that their other slippers are priced much lower, the most expensive being RM49.90.

Of course, the conversations revolving the slides began to escalate leading to a slew of funny reactions from netizens. Here are a few of our favourites:

While Neelofa’s team claims that the slippers are “muslim-friendly”, the brand itself does not share those claims. Upon looking at their website, the slippers look like any other rubber slip-ons, the description boasting only its light weight, comfort and style.

Amidst all the speculation, this could just be another marketing tactic from her team to initiate word-of-mouth for her product and if that’s the case, congratulations, we’ve taken the bait.