Neelofa Responds to Backlash After Promoting Beauty Product for Babies


Local entrepreneur-celebrity fashion icon, Neelofa finally spoke out after she received online criticism for promoting a beauty product that was not only risky for consumption by her younger female fans, but also by infants whom she targeted via mothers on social media.

In a now expired Instagram story, the fashion-savvy entrepreneur shared information regarding the dosage of the product that is recommended for children and infants. The product was apparently created to remove wrinkles and tighten up the skin. It contained anti-aging properties that seemed outright ridiculous for any child or baby to consume at their age.


Noticing how dangerous the beauty supplements were to the minors, and how unnecessary it is for them to consume it, medical practitioners along with online spectators voiced out their disapproval and outrage at ‘Lofa. She finally responded in her tweet last night addressing the issue:

I am aware of the CnG situation related to my IGS & I appreciate & understand the comments & concerns from you guys. The CnG management is working hard to rectify the issue & is determined to resolve this confusion. I appreciate your patience and understanding.

— Neelofa (@Neelofa) February 5, 2018


This health concern shouldn’t only be directed to major social media influencers like Neelofa. It should also go out to other online resellers who use their platforms to promote products that aren’t acknowledged or approved by the Health Ministry. Online buyers should also beware of products that are potentially harmful to themselves or to minors.