Neelofa Serves Up Another Controversy By Launching Her Hijab Line At Zouk

(source: Star2)

After the whole endorsement of anti-ageing supplements to babies incident, TV Host/Actress & Entrepreneur, Neelofa is back at it again with a whole new issue. This time it’s regarding her headscarf line, Naelofar Hijab.

She recently released her latest collection and hosted the launch at Zouk… What a choice.

source: Nealofar Hijab Kulim)

In conjunction with the launch, Neelofa also celebrated her 29th birthday alongside her family and friends. As you guessed it, the whole event was slammed by netizens. Harsh criticisms came right after images and videos from the event began to surface on social media. The most heated online buzz came from a video at the launch showing five girls dancing to Ed Sheeran’s ‘Shape Of You’.

In a report by Berita Harian, Neelofa stated that she made the decision to no longer care about people’s criticism regarding any issue. She said several places were shortlisted, but Zouk was chosen because it was eight times cheaper than other locations.

The Naelofar Hijab owner also added, “It’s never-ending if I continue to respond to netizens’ comments. I have made the decision this year to no longer care about what people say.”

Most netizens were angry at Neelofa as they felt she neglected her religion by prioritising business and marketing, but some defended her actions too. Scroll down to see what some people think:

So what do you think?

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