PHOTOS: Netizens Photoshop Hannah Yeoh & Adam Adli Into Dragon Ball Z, The World Cup & More

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The ministers with some Hip-Hop legends

You can’t separate Malaysian netizens from their love of photoshop.

Previously, JUICE reported on a Twitter user who doctored images of ex-PM, now-convict, Najib Razak into popular scenes from TV and film that take place in prisons (a bossku move, if you ask me) and we also dabbled in the software ourselves by inserting Tupac into images taken at popular hang-out spots within Klang Valley.

Now, netizens are having fun with some meme-worthy images of Ministers of Youth and Sports, Hannah Yeoh and Adam Adli which have since been lovingly re-shared by the two.

Hannah Yeoh reposted the images on her Twitter account which you can check out here, but here are our favourites…

The pair going Super Saiyan


Sports ministers gotta walk (or dribble) the talk, right?


Just for fun, here are a couple more photos that have not been reposted by Hannah Yeoh…

Hana dul set, annyeong haseyo Hannah Yeoh & Adam Adli imnida!

Hannah Yeoh and Adam Adli posing with BTS
source: Twitter user @Dafrosty

Kena marah dengan cikgu disiplin ke tu?

source: Twitter user @xxDonJxx

In case you want to make your own memes of the two ministers, here is the original photo which was taken at Stadium Nasional Bukit Jalil.


Have fun and stay sporty!