This M’sian Designer Creates Mind-Boggling Surrealist Art Through Photoshop & Even Won An Award At Uniqlo Tokyo

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(Source: thezairul on Instagram)

Once you’ve mastered the skill of Adobe photoshop, the amazing wonders that you’d be able to create on that program will be out-of-this-world. One Malaysian designer has created outstanding pieces of art that revolves around surrealism.

Zairul Puad or better known as his Instagram username @thezairul, shares his art on social media. Therefore, most of his pictures involve photo manipulation, which is altering the original pictures into, in his case, something that boggles your mind.

For example, he mostly edits animals, nature and buildings. He mixes both of the elements together, creating stunning pictures where fish walk among humans.

According to Hype, Zairul has 10 years of experience when it comes to making surrealist art and in 2012 he was recognised and praised for his work, even winning an award from Uniqlo for the “Most Voted” artwork in Tokyo.

As of now, Zairul even receives commissions from international customers.

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