Netizens Are Enraged By Large Group Of People Who Brought Rice Cookers To This 5-Star Hotel

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(Source: Ainul Che Noi)

The idea of a vacation is to have time away from home, not bring it along with you. Apparently, some people didn’t get the memo.

In a post shared by Facebook user, Ainul CheNoi, a group had checked into Lexis Hibiscus Port Dickson, but they brought along an entire “kenduri” with them. Not only did they bring excessive luggage that resembled a doomsday preparation, but they also brought kitchen appliances, blankets and fishing rods as well.

Check it out…

Lexis Hibiscus PD is a 5 star hotel. Memang laa tengah murah. Tp jangan laa buat mcm Lexis Hibiscus PD ni mcm Homestay….

Posted by Ainul CheNoi on Sunday, September 20, 2020


The group also broke the rules when they exceeded the number of people checking into a room. At the hotel, management had tightened the limit to only 4 adults, but for children under 12 years old, there was no limit.

If you were wondering what I meant by kitchen appliances, the group brought a water heater and rice cooker! Err, might as well stay home?

(Source: Ainul Che Noi)

Ainul explained that the hotel implements random spot checks to make sure guests adhere to the rules. Naturally, when the group’s various hoardings were found, it was confiscated immediately. She also highlighted that most hotels do not allow guests to cook in their rooms due to the smell that would stick to the sheets and curtains as well as the hazards that could occur.

“This matter will only cause the hotels to come up with extra cash to clear up the smell, and if they don’t then the next guest to get the room will surely complain,” she wrote in the post.

Ainul wasn’t the only one to share these sentiments regarding the abnormal group. Many netizens chimed in to give their opinions as well, stating that they should’ve booked a homestay and not a 5-star hotel.

(Source: Facebook Ainul Che Noi)
(Source: Facebook Ainul Che Noi)
(Source: Facebook Ainul Che Noi)

Hotels might be fun to stay in but it’s also essential to not be selfish and follow the given rules.

If you’re travelling in a bigger group it’s best to opt for a homestay or an Airbnb. Hopefully, this group has learned their lesson and will not repeat these mistakes.

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