Guests at a Cameron Highlands Hotel Had to Clean Their Own Room & Change Their Own Bed-Sheets

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(source: @zmzhrhrf on Twitter)

Vacations are supposed to be relaxing but for this guest, it turned out to be the opposite.

Recently, a Twitter user with the handle @zmzhrhrf, who goes by Aira, posted that when she checked into a hotel in Cameron Highlands, she and her friends had to clean up the room and change all the sleeping covers themselves.

With almost 8,000 retweets, she said, “NOVA HOTEL CANCEL. All my life, I have never had to check-in and change my own bed-sheets. Change my pillow covers. Clean the room. Get rid of trash left by the people before me.”

She further explained that she checked in sometime in the afternoon but had to wait until 10pm for her room to be ready. When she questioned the concierge on when she could enter her room, the staff said that it wasn’t cleaned up yet. Although it was still dirty, the staff asked her to enter and just wait for housekeeping.

Upon entering, the room was filled with leftovers from the previous guest. Take a look:

An hour later, housekeeping still didn’t show up and Aira went down to lodge a complaint. Instead, she was met by a long queue at the hotel reception as other guests were also complaining about the same problem.

Feeling frustrated, Aira and her friends decided to clean up the room and change the sleeping covers themselves.

Aira continued by stating that they paid RM480 per night and was supposed to stay at the hotel for two days. When the incident happened, she shortened the vacation to one day and asked the hotel for a refund. Turns out, it does not have a refund policy and the manager was allegedly “hiding in the back” to avoid angry guests.

When the tweet went viral, many netizens replied by sharing similar incidents that happened at the Nova Highlands Hotel. Check it out:

While we’re unsure about the health and cleanliness practices that occur at the hotel, it seems like there has been no sanitization process for the room. Considering that we still have not recovered from the coronavirus pandemic, that fact alone is very concerning.

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