Hotel Worker On Unpaid Leave Goes Viral For Offering RM20 Music Classes

source: Cilisos


In light of Covid-19, many people’s jobs have been affected and along with it, their income. While some have the luxury to work from home, many others are simply granted unpaid leave for the remainder of the MCO. It’s no mystery how everyday life would be especially difficult for those stuck at home without any earnings coming their way.

Fortunately for twitter user @allhailfaz, she found a way to turn her luck upside down:

After Faz was sidelined with unpaid leave from her job as a hotel worker, she decided to hatch up a plan that would help cover her expenses. As shown in the tweet above, Faz originally offered music classes for RM100 but lowered it to RM20 out of desperation. Thankfully, her tweet went viral and she began receiving the support of netizens who flocked to her for various music classes.

According to mStar, the reception she received online was so overwhelming that Faz’s schedule has been packed with classes stating that she only has enough free time to perform her daily prayers. The list of instruments Faz teaches includes the guitar, bass guitar, drums and even vocal lessons.

source: Giphy

Kudos to Faz for making the best out of a bad situation! To those of you interested in polishing your musical talents, feel free to DM Faz on Twitter and see whether any slots are available for you!

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