A Tourist Took a Dump on a Beach in Port Dickson.. M’sians are Fuming

original source: Lifehack8. edited by kkkkkiddddd

Ah, what a wonderful day to go to the beach, chill under the sun and maybe go for a dip later. Oh and what’s that over there..? It’s just someone taking a sh*t on the beach.

original source: @zudomon/Twitter. edited by kkkkkiddddd

That’s exactly what happened in Port Dickson on Saturday (April 13). Twitter user @zudomon posted the photos and since then has amassed some 12,000 or more retweets. In the tweet, @zudomon identified the pooper as a Chinese tourist. This obviously sparked anger in the Twitterverse, because why the heck would you poop on a beach?!

@zudomon and his friend pretended to take a photo together and ultimately snapped some uncensored farce-activity by the tourist. After the incident went viral, New Straits Times reported that the president of the Port Dickson City Council said they will do an investigation on the matter.

The president also said that the council was waiting for an RM8 million allocation to build a toilet on the beach. (Wait a minute.. kilometres of public beach and no public toilets? Reminds us of Cenang, Langkawi.)

It was also reported that Port Dickson police did not receive any reports of the incident.

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