Mysterious M’sian Band, Engineering Bureau, Experiments With Futuristic Sounds With Single ‘LINES’

source: Engineering Bureau

Looking like dystopian doctors of a cyberpunk world, Kuala Lumpur’s conceptual band Engineering Bureau has released their first single ‘LINES’ with eight more tracks to follow in 2021.

According to a press release, ‘LINES’ was written to describe what is happening in the world, which is the inherent failure ingrained in our brain. It blends blues, electronic and industrial rock sounds, with a dash of pop – fitting for the track’s subject matter.

Drawing influences from 70’s arena rock, 80’s electro-pop and 90’s electro-funk and industrial rock, the band said it took six years to fully function as an act.

Moo, one of the founding members, said the band makes use of mediums like visual art and technology to create aural-visual performances that are “tightly interlocked rhythmically and emotionally with the music.”

Listen to the track below:

Similar to their distinctive sound, the band members mask their identities with matching black outfits. Apart from looking like cool sci-fi characters, the costume is intentional and a symbol of non-conformance to social media-driven demands.

“Who knew that we would be releasing this track at a time when masks are a necessary social item. And with masks on, everyone looks the same. In spite of that, and so much technology being used, all our old problem still exists particularly with regards to bias and bigotry in race, religion and sexual orientation.”

The track is as gloomy as it is poppy, like the kind of music that you would hear in one of Cyberpunk 2077’s radio station while yelling “F-U!” in your dystopian ride.

You can also stream LINES on your platform of choice.