#SiBodohKauDengarSini: How One Hangry Man Created Today’s Trending Hashtag

(source: iStock/Twitter)

Yesterday, frustration over the operating hours of food outlets during the second movement control order (MCO 2.0) sent the hashtag #SiBodohKauDengarSini trending on Twitterjaya.

It all started when a Twitter user who goes by the handle @farhanazahan complained about not having dinner twice after missing the order window. He also lamented that unlike a minister, there is no maid to serve her food after getting home from work.

However, another Twitter user @puterirajaawan responded by saying that the people shouldn’t complain and they should instead consider reheating food to eat.

This prompted an angry reaction from another Twitter user, @yarafaee_ who prefaced her sentence with “Si bodoh, kau dengar sini” (Listen here, idiot).

So far, the tweet by @yarafaee_ has gained 17.1K retweets and 24.4K likes.

While the Twitter user was just venting out her frustration over the fact that food operations end at 8pm for MCO 2.0, other users decided that her opening line perfectly encapsulates how they feel.

Thus, the hashtag was created and now, has evolved into a movement of angry netizens expressing their frustration – especially towards the Malaysian government. Besides that, the tag is also being used in response to any distressing news or topics netizens could find.

Let’s take a look at some of the top RTs under the tag #SiBodohDengarSini :