Get To Know Your MPs Like They’re Pokemon Through This Website That Collab’ed with Undi Malaysia

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Keeping up to date with politics and the numerous controversies surrounding our MPs can be very tiring, especially during an emotionally-draining pandemic.

Luckily, with JUICE’s round-ups (wink wink) and this 8-bit website, you can be the most knowledgable person at the dinner table with ease.

Appealing to the zillennials of today, this website makes use of that loveable 8-bit RPG interface to bring to you the latest updates on each minister.

They even have a Pokedex – I mean rolodex of all the ministers so you can just pick and choose who you want to learn about.

Of course, the main draw is that users can feel like they’re playing Pokemon as they learn more about the leaders of our country. They sure know how to make learning fun!

Just to illustrate, here are a few of ministers that are available for you to read-up on…

The website was developed in 2014 as a part of the Undi initiative. As mentioned above, this website allows youths to learn more about the people in parliament as well as take the necessary steps when it comes to voting.

MyMPv2 is what the website is called now, an updated version of the initial MyMP. It’s built by volunteers in 2020 and the adorable designs are the product of Ivan from the company Alchy, who did all the work for free!

Of course, with something as amazing as this, it’s our job to keep them running. So, you can do your part by sustaining this website and all its greatness by donating to them or volunteering.

Any initiative that gets youths interested and cognisant in politics deserves our support!

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