Muslim Vet Calls For More Education & Understanding When It Comes to Islam’s View on Dogs

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In the Name of Love: Story of a Muslim Dog Lover
source: Jakarta Globe

The conversation revolving around Muslims and dogs has been going on for far longer than any of us have been alive.

It’s constantly debated within Muslims, non-Muslims and religious preachers but we are finally moving onto the new frontier of acceptance when it comes to Muslims and dogs.

JUICE has covered numerous accounts of Muslims taking care of these canines by feeding them and even sheltering them in their own homes but there can never be a shortage of dog-loving articles.

Recently, Malay Mail posted a video of a Muslim veterinarian who is passionate in dispelling myths and stigmas regarding dogs.

In her line of work, many Muslims are often questioned for their treatment of dogs because of the existing stigmas.

According to her, being a vet means helping all animals, not just the socially-acceptable cats.

Watch it below:

In actuality, touching a dog is not haram in the eyes of Islam. In fact, it is only when a Muslim comes in contact with a wet dog or the dog’s saliva that they then have to cleanse themselves so their prayers will be accepted.

This process is called ‘samak’ or ‘sertu’. It is when a Muslim must wash themselves with clay and water before finally being cleansed for worship.

Violence towards dogs is a prominent issue in Malaysia due to this stigma and it is important to denounce it. Dogs are loveable creatures just like cats but with the existence and perpetuation of such harmful messages, they can never be truly loved the way they deserve.

It’s time for us to realise our actions and prevent it from persisting. You wouldn’t want to continue hurting a harmless creature, would you?

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