2 Muslim Women Abandon Typical Hari Raya Festivities To Continue Feeding Stray Cats & Dogs

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Instead of the usual entertaining of house guests for Hari Raya, 44-year-old Nazirah Abd Rahman will be spending her time feeding strays in Ipoh.

Speaking to Malay Mail, Nazirah has now added Bukit Merah, Menglembu to her feeding map after noticing a pack of abandoned dogs at a newly-built shop house project.

“I have been feeding them for the past year after I came across them when passing the area to get to my workplace,” she said.

She also feeds stray dogs and cats at Pasir Pinji market.

Source: Malay Mail/Nazirah Abd Rahman

Nazirah has been feeding strays for the past four years due to sympathy.

Like most of us who will not work on Hari Raya, the beauty consultant is taking the opportunity to travel from her home in Batu Gajah to Menglembu before making her usual stop at Pasir Pinji Market to feed the strays.

“I normally start my feeding rounds after Maghrib prayers when I completed my work for the day.”

Spending about RM50 daily for the strays, Nazirah would feed them kibbles mixed with white rice and wet food and sometimes she would buy them fried chicken.

She would dress up as a clown and perform at local cafe Konda Kondi, selling shaped balloons in order to afford the expenses to buy the food.

Source: Malay Mail/Ramlah Darus

Another kind soul who will spend her Hari Raya just like Nazirah is Ramlah Darus. The latter’s usual feeding spot is at Tanjung Rambutan market.

The 58-year-old said that most shops in the area will be closed due to the festive season and it would be a pity for the strays if she skips even for just one day.

Ramlah has always been stocking-up on seafood since she has been feeding them fish for the past three years.

“I need to keep stock to ensure there is enough supply to feed them,” said Ramlah.

Ramlah would take her motorcycle for her feeding rounds and she said it makes her very happy to be able to do such a thing for the strays.

If you are interested in hiring Nazirah for events, you can contact her at 012-5335133.