Represent Your District in POPDIN, The New M’sian Game To Vent Out Your Political Frustrations

If you’ve already had your fun with popcat, here’s a localised version to practice your patriotism.

It was only a matter of time before this happened, Malaysians have always taken our disappointment of local politics in stride and with humorous satire – you could say this is what unites us.

It is currently unknown who created the site, but judging from the number of participants, netizens clearly don’t care!

The current contender on the leaderboard for most ‘dins popped is “依斯干达公主城”, also known as Iskandar Puteri in Johor Bahru District.

Personally, aku budak Subang Jaya and my competitive side is coming out. C’mon, Subang folk and fucbois, we gotta pull it together.

Other countries have also found enjoyment in mindlessly clicking on the face of our former/current-caretaker prime minister.

Support your district and click away here!

Psst, there’s an easter egg when you hit 1000 pops.