Put Your Detective Skills to Use & Catch The KL Ripper in This Cluedo-Inspired Outdoor Game

source: CluedUpp

Are you bored of Friday boardgame night yet? Well then, assemble your team of detectives and solve the mysterious killings of Kuala Lumpur in this Cluedo-inspired adventure that happens IRL!

The Kuala Lumpur Ripper is an outdoor escape game by CluedUpp, based on globally played Detective Days. In this game, you and your team will need to take on The Ripper by solving clues before more people die.

How does it work?

source: CluedUpp

To participate in the game, you need to get one ticket for one team, and each team needs to have between two to six players. One of you will then need to download the CluedUpp app on your smartphone.

Playing Detectives. source: CluedUpp (Facebook)

At the starting point, you and other teams will need to scramble across town to crack clues, solve puzzles and find virtual witnesses and interrogate them to solve the mystery and save the town.

In the spirit of fun, players are encouraged to dress up as detectives, and your dog can even tag along for the adventure!

source: CluedUpp (Facebook)

Since we’re still living in the pandemic, the organisers have set-up Covid-19 guidelines to make sure each player, including their pets, are safe while playing the game.

Tickets are priced at RM210 per team while those under the age of 16 can play as an extra for free.  So if you have a team of six, that’s only RM35 per person.

For more details and information about the game, click here.