M’sia’s Very Own Mowgli Struck By Tragedy When 41 of His Bulls Were Found Lifeless Due To A Disease

source: Rojak Daily

Malaysians were overjoyed when esteemed photographer Mohd Nazri received international praise with his collection of pictures depicting Malaysia’s very own Mowgli. Not only did he receive recognition from Asian Geographic prior to the nod, but the pictures have also went viral, reaping in numerous compliments from netizens.

The photos are currently being displayed at prestigious galleries in Italy and soon all across Europe. He shared his appreciation with a Facebook post.

Alhamdulillah… Gambar saya terpilih untuk di pamerkan di galeri di Rome, Italy dan beberapa negara sekitar Europe….

Posted by Nazri Sulaiman on Friday, August 16, 2019

Unfortunately, the celebration was short-lived after Muhammad Syukor a.k.a Mowgli found his friendly bulls lifeless due to a widespread illness.

source: Bernama

Syukor and his father, Khamis, were overwhelmed with sadness after witnessing their bulls die of Heamoragic Septicaemia (HS). The illness causes flu, fatigue and eventual death due to its severity. In total, 41 of their precious bulls have succumbed to the illness.

Khamis told Harian Metro of the unsightly incident and how frustrated he was to watch young bulls panic at the sight of their dying mothers. At the moment, he is still trying to save the remaining bulls and is hoping that the veterinary institute of Terengganu is willing to step in and lend assistance.

We hope that Syukor and Khamis will remain positive through this obstacle and continue their love and closeness to animals that have seen since inspired Malaysians to appreciate the beauty of the common creatures around us.