Travel Down The Rabbit Hole and Pet Bunnies At Sabah’s Highest Rabbit Garden

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(Source:D’Mesilau Rabbit Garden On Facebook)

Most animal sanctuaries and farms in Malaysia are usually blazing hot, making most customers sweaty and sticky after a day of petting the animals. However, D’Mesilau Rabbit Garden in Kundasang, Sabah is changing all of that by giving Malaysians an opportunity to pet these cute critters in cold and refreshing weather.

D’Mesilau Rabbit Garden is by far the highest located rabbit garden in Malaysia, located 1,528m above sea level which is almost the same height as Genting Highlands.

(Source: D’Mesilau Rabbit Garden On Facebook)

The Rabbit Garden is set on a mountain at Kundasang making the temperature below 25°C in the afternoon and even lower in the morning giving the place that early morning cooling mist which reaches above the mountains. So, make sure to dress up well and bring some hot tea if you want to feeling-feeling overseas.

(Source: M’Silau Rabbit Garden On Facebook)

According to Go Ranau, customers are even allowed to feed the rabbits since the palettes can be bought at the counter upon entering. Some things that need to be highlighted are that outside food is not allowed especially to feed the rabbits and during school holidays and weekends, the place can be busy making parking a problem.

(Source: D’mesilau on Facebook)


(Source: Go Ranau)

The opening hours of this place start from 8am to 4pm every day and the prices of the tickets are only RM5 if you’re an adult and RM3 for children.