M’sian Veteran Actress, Nabila Huda Kickstarts Online Classes To Teach Influencers How To Act

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Evolution is often times a thing of beauty and watching our country progress over time swells our hearts with pride. However, a handful of times, advancements can go in the exact opposite direction that we may not necessarily be proud of.

In the case of local film and television, many industry players have had to take the backseat as they watched influencers or “Instagram famous” youths overtake casting sessions and land roles that they often times didn’t deserve.

This was eloquently discussed and dissected by heavyweight actors Sharifah Amani, Nadiya Nisaa and Amerul Affendi in a round-table talk hosted at ATAS by Bijan FX on Youtube, which you can watch below:

In short, popularity triumphs over talent nowadays and while this method of casting reaps in the views (and the profit) for money-hungry execs, it dilutes the craftsmanship that goes into producing a multi-faceted and high-quality movie or film, thus frustrating creatives in the industry.

Tonton Drama Kekasih Hati Mr. Bodyguard Di TV3 (Slot Lestary)
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The clearest illustration of how downhill our local productions have fallen can be seen in the latest television series, ‘Kekasih Hati Mr. Bodyguard’ which has since spawned numerous parodies and criticism online after they posted a snippet from the pilot episode onto Twitter.

The series stars gorgeous IG model, Sharifah Rose and self-proclaimed Zayn Malik lookalike, Redza Rosli. In order to understand why the show was judged so harshly by the vicious inhabitants of Twitter, watch the clip for yourself:

After feasting your eyes on the stilted acting and awkward dialogue, it’s not hard to understand why the film industry players are in an uproar over the drastic shift that favours the “popular” instead of the “talented.”

However, while it’s common to mock and berate the actors in the show since they’ve made themselves easy targets, the criticism should actually be directed towards the higher-ups who called the shots in the casting process.

Sharifah Rose | Malaysians defend Instagram model Sharifah Rose labelled 'hypocrite' for briefly removing tudung in Phuket | Malay Mail - Social Media Wrath
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Naturally, once an influencer sees the opportunity to put themselves out there and build their brand, they’re going to seize it which is why they can’t be blamed entirely for this predicament.

Without any education or background in the arts, these influencers will predictably fall short of our expectations, especially since we’re accustomed to watching the greats engulf their roles on the big screen.

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Instead of continuing the onslaught of hate towards these youths, one of local film’s gems, Nabila Huda, has decided to take on her newest role as a mentor.

Taking to Twitter, Nabila posted a series of videos calling all young influencers who are interested in acting to take up lessons with her via online classes.

To summarise, Nabila explains how the fundamentals of acting are important in playing a role and it’s not something that can be learned through Tik Tok or overnight. It takes serious dedication, passion and hard work in order to “feel the role” and traverse the monotone act of just “reading the script.”

Based on her observation, she acknowledges that the new generation is taking over and that there’s nothing anyone can do to stop it, so instead of putting-off an already inevitable outcome, the least she could do is nurture these upcoming actors and teach them the ropes.

Nabila Huda dedicates her award win to her dad | News & Features | Cinema Online
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Being a well-respected actress in the industry, her initiative to share her tips on acting was seen as a genuine act of kindness and a step towards the right direction for the local film scene.

Nabila has since shared her email and opened her DMs on Instagram for influencers who wish to sharpen their skills.

If you’re someone who is looking to get into acting as a career, follow Nabila on Twitter and Instagram for more updates.