WATCH: M’sian T-Shirt Seller Screams At Buyers & Threatens To Burn Goods on TikTok Due To Low Bid

(source: Albion Avenue)

Business is not for everyone, especially those who are impatient and have a short temper.

Previously, JUICE reported on Malaysian businesswoman and influencer Eira Aziera going on a Facebook rant and fatshaming a viewer who questioned if the product she was marketing was legitimate.

Another businessman made news today on Twitter after going on TikTok Live and screaming at his clients for bidding on his goods at a low price that he did not approve of.

The video begins with the seller telling his viewers, “Try finding an Adidas tracksuit for RM40 in this condition,” while he lectures them on how the goods he’s selling are worth much more.

The mannequin he was holding, which was wearing the blue Adidas tracksuit he was speaking of, then tumbled to the ground, and he vented his rage by trampling on it.

He continued his rant by claiming that he makes no money from selling those t-shirts and then ripped the Adidas tracksuit and flung the mannequin across the shop.

The seller then remarked, “I want to burn all these shirts, I want to quit selling,” after ripping off one more t-shirt.

“We sell expensive shirts to all of you, but you all want them cheap,” he added.

“I’m going to look for a different job,” the seller stated at the end of the TikTok Live bidding session.

One Twitter user commented on the incident and said, “The seller should’ve started the bidding with the capital price if he’s afraid of loss. You can only start bidding at RM0 if you’re strong enough.”